Mood Photography

Magnificent Mood Photography and Techniques.

The photograph is an image which anyone can take. But to capture a mood is a bit difficult. After taking a photo you may find the mood which you saw is not reflected in the photo.

If you want to show a specific mood, you have to remember these are naturally affected by the surroundings. So, the mood of your photo is almost always determined by the location.

The lighting plays an important role in creating the mood which is different in indoors in comparison to mood in the outdoors.

Above image:

You have to focus sharply on your subject. Also, you have to make the background out of focus. This is done by focusing on the eyes of the subject. You have to use a wide aperture. In this way a part of the face and the background is out of focus.

The background which remains out of focus is moody. This is because we have to imagine. This can be used brilliantly when the background is darker than the subject. You should know that shadows are moodier than bright highlights.

You can try to shoot in low light. This is very moody and suggestive. In this type of shooting you have to use shutter speeds which is slow to create a photo which is not clear. In this way mood of a photo can be created.

You can shoot as you see and then adjust the color afterwards. The advantage of this is you do not have to worry about shooting a perfect photo. You can decide on the color optimization afterwards.

Try to use the back light which appears very dramatic and moody. This works very well as the exposure range is not within the range what your camera can handle.

You can also try to expose the foreground and overexpose the background. You can also shoot a backlit portrait. The flash should give light to your subject either from the front or side.

When there is something which is moving, long exposures work best. This applies to the sea, water in a waterfall or even grass blowing in the wind. The moving elements are contrasted against the still elements of the scene. You would get the best effect if you shoot in low light just after sunset.

This technique can also be used in urban photography where you can shoot a fast moving car in urban landscapes. If you can shoot the photo really good lights from the car would leave trails.

There is a change in mood with the change in the season. You will find that every season has got a distinct mood which is reflected through changes in light, color and weather.

When you are shooting on a bright, sunny day , you cannot shoot a picture which appears moody and dark. Similarly, a sunny day denotes happiness.

You may need to take several test shots to capture the mood you are intending to achieve. But once you get the hang of it, the pictures will speak volumes about the mood of the subject and produce surreal images.